Which prompt I am interested in

I am interesting in using Amy Tan’s essay because her essay is something I can relate to. The reasons as to which I choose this prompt, just like the author, I too suffered from poor English skills. When I first came to America in third grade, I remember I used to grade A books whilst everyone else in my classes used to read grade R and up. Now my parents did not help my language skills as they were not familiar with English and even so, they used to constantly pressure me to study with an iron fist. I remember I used to struggle in classes with English tests, books and just keeping up with classes. I remember not being able to make any friends in school because of my poor English as I was not able to communicate with my fellow classmates. In this way, I am able to relate with the author as we are both struggling with our destinies that fighting against us through our individual circumstances. Now even though both of us were suffering with the tables turned against us, we both managed face our hardships and become diligent people. Due to such similarities between the two of us, I would like to use this prompt.

The Communist Manifesto Response

In The Manifesto of the Communist Party, the author discusses the struggles of a certain type of class throughout history. The author goes on to explain that everything that occurred in history whether it be politically or like that of society, are all the result of the struggle of a certain group of people. And finally the group of people that are struggling is the economically subordinate classes against economically dominant classes or as Bernie Sanders would put it, the top 1% vs. the rest 99%.  And throughout history, even if the top class is overtaken or destroyed, it is only replaced by another class who simply take their throne, thus repeating history. And during the modern era, two classes have been formed. The first class is the bourgeoisie, who sees the world as a marketplace, thus driving the world to production and exchange. Now the second class is the industrial proletariat, or modern working class. The industrial proletariat are people who are exploited to work to make the bourgeoisie richer whilst the modern working class fight and compete against each other for low wages as the means of production keeps getting more complicated. Eventually the author comes to explain that history can be changed through the collective efforts of the modern working class against the bourgeoisie and finally once and for all, the struggles of these two classes will end.

Marx’s ideas are indeed very convincing, but it has many defects. The revolutionary idea which has been articulated very clearly by the author talked about the benefits of getting rid of the bourgeoisie but it failed to go in depth of its fatal side effects. One reason as to which getting rid of the bourgeoisie or the 1% is so bad, is because it will get rid of the symbol of a dream. Though most of society belong in the 99% to be ruled by the 1%, it gives the 99% a symbol of hope and yearning. Even if most cannot reach that 1%, it gives them a sense of hope as almost anyone can reach the 1% if their efforts are well received. It’s kinda like the analogy of Donald Trump. Now Donald Trump is someone who never had any previous experience in the political environment. He is incredibly unqualified for being a politician, let alone president. The qualities searched for in a president is honesty, integrity, strength and intellect. In the case of Donald Trump, most people can agree that he doesn’t have any of those qualities. So what it goes to show is that if he can become the president of the United States of America then anyone can become president of the United States of America! In the same way, because the world works like a market where people have production and exchange, people of all different ethnicities, race and religion have been able to reach the top 1% or bourgeoisie. As such, getting rid of such a class would take away the symbol of hope for the rest 99%.